Leadership Consulting

Leadership consulting embraces the entire range of services and products offered by CJWA. Everything from motivational speaking to videos on trust building is often customized and included as part of our consulting process to meet client needs.


Leadership Consulting is also a category unto itself.


CJWA provides leadership consulting to our clients who seek our counsel before, during, and after periods of significant change. We have consulted to clients such as AIG, Fidelity, Coca Cola, Marriott, Kaiser Permanente, Foxwoods, and United Technologies on large and small scale change efforts.This is where we operate at our best. We design leadership strategies that help companies adapt and thrive. Successful companies create outstanding performance through inspired leaders who understand the importance of valuing and respecting their team members, customers, suppliers and other vendors.


Several examples of our work include:

  1. Changing the culture of a major hotel and convention center for a Marriott Property.

  2. Team building and transition management for Fidelity and United Technologies.

  3. Supporting a major change in business strategy at Aetna.

  4. Providing an award winning talent management coaching strategy  for AIG and Kaiser Permanente that ties leadership development to business needs. Click on the button for a sample proposal for this type of intervention. The proposal includes a two page description of the process, rationale, methodology, benefits and cost.