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Wherever you plan to go, whatever you want to achieve,
the Emotion Roadmap will help you get there. - Chuck Wolfe.

Client List

Client List

About Us

About Us

Charles J. Wolfe & Associate's mission is to help create a safer, healthier, more productive, and more peaceful world. We get great joy from using our expertise in emotional intelligence, leadership coaching and consulting, organizational behavior, and psychology to bring meaningful change and make a positive difference in our clients" personal and professional lives.

Hello, I'm Chuck Wolfe

Features & Services

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence Potential!


Emotional intelligence profoundly impacts every area of your professional and personal life. Individual and Organizational Change, Motivation, Engagement, Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, Talent Management, Decision-making, Negotiation, Teamwork, Sales, and Relationship Management all improve by enhancing one's emotional intelligence acumen.

The best way to grow emotional intelligence, inspire performance, and get better results, is through our transformative coaching and consulting. Our team will teach you our Emotion Roadmap process for making life better for you and your most important relationships.  

Peter Salovey Speaks with Chuck Wolfe
00:00 / 00:48

Yale University President Peter Salovey on the Value of the Emotion Roadmap

Chuck Wolfe interviews C-Level Hospitality Professional,

John Caperella about Performance in an Organization.

Dan Goleman and Chuck Wolfe Discuss Coaching
00:00 / 05:00

Please enjoy Emotional Intelligence Pioneer Dan Goleman

and Chuck Wolfe discussing what makes coaching work.

Chuck Wolfe interviews Nebraska Warehouse President & CEO, Tamara Meyers Draeger about The Emotion Roadmap.


Emotion Roadmap

The Emotion Roadmap is a key

guide for taking control of your feelings and relationships to

better your life at home & work.

Chuck Wolfe

Our Founder, Chuck Wolfe is the creator of the Emotion Roadmap

and co-author of the renowned MSCEIT Certification program.

Noted Experts

Chuck Wolfe has worked with

many award-winning leaders including Dan Goleman, Peter Salovey, and  John Caparella.


Motivational Speaking

Emotional Intelligence is how we integrate our feelings and thoughts to manage ourselves, our behavior, and our relationships. In business, successful leaders recognize that to be effective, team members, managers, and mentors need to engage not only with their heads but their hearts, to build emotional intelligence throughout their personal and professional lives.

  • For the organization, we teach: How to manage talent in a way that drives loyalty.

  • For the individual, we teach: How to handle current challenges and effectively advance your career.

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Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting isn’t just the act of an employee physically leaving a company. Instead, it’s their doing the bare minimum, producing below expectations, and negatively impacting a company's culture.

Employees are no longer willing to commit to a pre-pandemic work-level and processes if their efforts are not acknowledged and rewarded. With our proprietary ‘Emotion Roadmap’, CJWA will assist your organization in advancing an educated mission and culture with our proven EI-driven hiring and retention strategies. The heart of a business's culture revolves around shared values and thinking. We will help you connect with your workers and cultivate real comradery through the value and understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Stopping quiet quitting begins with generating trust and support. At the end of the video, you will be left wondering what John’s epiphany is. Contact me to find out.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is key to building a corporate culture that benefits from valuing different perspectives, diversity, and inclusion. This allows for more innovation, greater performance, a happier more engaged workforce, higher talent retention, and more resilience in the face of economic, geopolitical, societal, and environmental change. Please enjoy Talent & Culture executive Emilie Nketiah's feedback about experiencing our coaching based on the Emotion Roadmap.


Charles J. Wolfe & Associates provides EI-driven coaching services that broaden engagement, inclusion, and diversity within organizations. 

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Leadership Coaching

Meet with the client and the client’s manager to establish initial goals that form the basis for a contract typically six months or more.

  • Coaching includes ongoing in-person, online, and phone conversations with the client. Assessments, interviews with key individuals, and some shadowing are optional.

  • Quarterly meetings with the client and manager are recommended to track progress and make necessary modifications.

  • In the end, the client and coach agree on what has been learned and discuss the next steps.

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Leadership Consulting

The loss of a key leader can set a team back significantly due to replacement cost and lack of productivity while a replacement is sought and then trained. The benefit of having a consulting-led transition process that quickly brings a new leader up to speed far outweighs the cost. Our highly valued transition process expedites the timeline for a new leader to become effective.

​Charles J. Wolfe & Associates is known for quickly developing

trust with clients due to our professionalism and expertise. We have created the Emotion Roadmap which provides a meaningful way to apply Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. This enables our clients and their teams to achieve their full potential.

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