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Real People, Real Stories, Real Benefits from the Certification Training

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John Caparella, award winning manager, has been a friend and client for over 25 years. As President and COO of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotels and Sands Convention Center, he needed to reach out to the 10,000+ people he was managing. We developed a series of videos that he could use for his operation and I would use with other clients. The video series includes:


1. How Leaders Create, Maintain, and Rebuild Trust

2. Courageous and Meaningful Conversations


Here is an excerpt from the trust video. To purchase or rent contact Chuck Wolfe at 860-658-2737.

 Follow the Emotion Roadmap to Organizational Effectiveness


FREE: Click the tite to watch the webcast. Published on Dec 17, 2015 - Presented by Charles Wolfe.
This webcast was run on December 1st 2015 by HR.com and sponsored by MHS.



The Emotion Roadmap is a process designed to help leaders and team members deal successfully with challenging situations at work. Organizational change, conflict, negative feedback, performance reviews, decisions where key people disagree, are all examples of challenging situations where strong emotions are present. Excellent problem solvers, at times, get stuck when powerful emotions are present. They may worry about escalation, repercussions, and other forms of risk, including negative consequences for their careers.

Charles “Chuck” Wolfe, an expert in leadership consulting, conceived of the Emotion Roadmap initially as a way to help the pioneering psychologists in the field of Emotional Intelligence find a way to help individuals benefit from what they were learning about emotional abilities. And while the Emotion Roadmap was originally designed to work with the MSCEIT, it has now been proven to assist anyone with a desire to learn more about managing their own emotions, and the emotions of others, both at work and at home. The skills you will be learning in this webinar are more than just work skills, they are life skills.

What You Will Learn


  • How to follow the Emotion Roadmap to organizational and individual effectiveness.

  • How to benefit from the knowledge of your emotional abilities.

  • How to improve the way you work with others.

  • How to advance your career.