Charles "Chuck" Wolfe is CEO of Charles J. Wolfe Associates, a leadership consulting firm dedicated to improving performance.


Speaker, consultant and author, Chuck's expertise includes motivational speaking, coaching, leader development, team building, culture change, and talent management.


Internationally recognized as a leader in (EI) emotional intelligence, Chuck serves on the Advisory Board for the International Society of EI and as a member of the EI Consortium for  Research in Organizations.


Working with Yale President Peter Salovey and his colleagues, Chuck created the innovative Emotion Roadmap, a process that helps leaders inspire others.


In searching for a world class EI program, Philips selected Chuck's "Critical Skills for Success" workshop which ran successfully in Europe, US, and Asia. Chuck was one of the experts chosen for CRM Learning's DVD, "Emotional Intelligence." MIT Sloan selected Chuck to create online "EI and Negotiations".


Chuck was inducted into honor societies at Northeastern and Harvard University.


We unlock secrets to success by focusing on emotion. Chuck Wolfe has  worked at Harvard in Organization Behavior in the Executive Program for Management Development, and has done pioneering work in emotional intelligence with Yale colleagues.


Chuck makes  theory practical. His crowning achievement is the Emotion Roadmap, a powerful process for increasing productivity, engaging employees, and coaching leaders.


Leaders have called the Emotion Roadmap a life changing tool, important to work and home. Elegant in the simple way it appears, the Roadmap combines theories on change, appreciative inquiry, problem-solving and EI.


Chuck learned about human behavior when working as a therapist and school counselor. At Harvard he learned about organization behavior and at Yale about emotional intelligence. 


Work with Chuck to help unlock the secrets to your success.


Your Success is Our Success


People who succeed are driven by emotion. Motivation, commitment, and confidence drive individuals and organizations.


We help you achieve great success

leading change, creating trust, building teams, managing talent, enhancing relationships and improving performance.


As you focus on the road ahead, the ultimate destination of your journey, let Charles J. Wolfe Associates be your personal GPS and help you get there.


Work with us as a speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer.


Our Vision is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Our Mission is to improve personal, professional, & organizational performance for existing leaders, & for those that wish to lead.


Our expertise in emotional intelligence sets us apart from more traditional leadership consultants.








Wherever you plan to go,

Whatever you want to achieve,

The Emotion Roadmap will help you get there.


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